Ryan Wijngaarde

Every Year BTP hires Brookes Cleaning company to clean our offices, and every year we are more impressed with the level of cleaning this company provides. Their cleaners are well trained and very thorough in thier jobs. Their punctual, polite and very courteous with the staff. We would highly recommend this company to clean your office space, home or business.
- Ryan Wijngaarde

Commodore Suites SXM

We have been using Brookes Cleaning Service since 2016 to clean and maintain our rooms. They have an excellent staff that are hard working and are very thorough in their job. We would recommend this company to service any establishment.
- Management Commodore Suites

Mrs. Joan Healey

” We hired Brookes Cleaning two years ago when they basically just got started and we have been with them ever since. They provide a homey, on hands but professional service we need for our office and home. Their staff are friendly, courteous , they clean, polish, vacuum and serve coffee when asked too. I couldn’t recommend a better cleaning service than Brookes Cleaning. Great Job.”

Margareth Argus

“I have been through many cleaning services from companies to individuals I have hired directly, I am happy with the staff. They go beyond their duty. Anything from maid services to gardening or fixing lights. They are there to assist and very professional. Thank you Brookes Cleaning”

Mrs. Alexandra Rose

“My office looks great. I can really trust the cleaning staff that Brookes Cleaning provides”. ” They are so professional and very customer service oriented and understand what we need”